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Guest blogger Shail’s waxing poetic

Walking The Buddha’s Path

A chariot steered Him away
From the moh-maya
Of life.
What will I need
To get rid
Of unwarranted attachments?

Whenever I sit to whine
About this and that,
About what could be and would not
I remember Him –
As He cast away
What was served to Him
On a platter!

Try as they could,
His parents unable to thwart destiny
And karma
Had to let Him go.
When shall I learn let go
Of undying expectations?

Desires growing like creepers
Slowly and steadily
Enter the vineyard
Of a superficial life.
When shall I find the straw
Of divine love
And climb up without feeling
The loss of hurt and hatred?
Of trust and tattered emotion?

When shall I strive
To walk the path
Of the Divine Soul?

Shail Raghuvanshi is a freelance journalist, editor, poet and a blogger with a penchant for reviewing books. Read her thoughts HERE.

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