The Times of India Literary Carnival

Wondering what we did after Mind Blogs 1.0 in 2010? Well, in January 2014, we organised The Times of India Literary Carnival. We had 55 sessions with over 120 writers/anchors/speakers/journalists.

It was a three-day marathon that took us three months to organise. And that we heard is a record of sorts. We are told that people usually take a year to plan an event like this. By we, I mean: Zahid H Javali and Nirmala Govindarajan, the two co-authors of Mind Blogs 1.0. We were the festival directors.

If you are keen on what happened, here is the website that gives you all the stuff you would need to get an idea of it. Click HERE.

Missed it? Not to worry. Take a look at this video summary to get a glimpse of what transpired. Happy viewing!