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‘Warm, funny, relatable’

This October, Mind Blogs 1.0 completes three years of being in circulation. And true enough, it has been loved and appreciated across age groups. But what we really wanted were youngsters reading it. And just the other day, we came across a young blogger who read the book while his exams were on, and found them immensely enjoyable.

The blogger by the name Zennfish says, “Read Mind Blogs 1.0. by Zahid H Javali, Christina Daniels and Nirmala Govindarajan in between my exams. Warm, funny, relatable experiences.” But the best part is that the blogger has read the book and soon followed it up with such classics like Somerset Maugham’s Of Human Bondage & Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. We are in distinguished company, indeed.

Though we don’t have the person’s exact name, all the blogger says is this: “I read. I watch movies. I wonder. I like strange surreal visuals. I rumi-nate. Music is another passion. I write in between.”

Glad to know that youngsters are finding reading just as attractive in the age of Junk Food and Reality Shows.

Thank you, Zennfish!