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A unique idea that captures life’s versatility, says The New Indian Express

Edex, the educational supplement of The New Indian Express have put us on the cover page and also inserted a pointer on the main edition. Can national publicity get better than this?

The newspaper says, “Mind Blogs 1.0 is a unique idea that captures the candidness and versatility of life in Bangalore… where the chaotic is imbued with the sophisticated, complicated life is tinged with the simplicity of yore.”

The analysis doesn’t end there. “The careful choice of humour in some pieces and poetry in the others help present a myriad of ideas in different forms,” reviewer Parvathi Ramkumar writes. “The news clippings, in particular, lay bare the essence of emotion the pieces following them attempt to capture. Mind Blogs 1.0 is an exploration of a new format and the enthusiastic representation of a popular medium, that of the blog, in print.”

To know what else was said, read the feature clippings below. To know what the book is all about, buy the book from now.

Happy reading!

The photo pointer at the bottom left of the main edition
Cover page of Edex, the educational supplement of The New Indian Express
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