British Council library will host the next book reading

All those who missed out on the book launch and subsequent book readings at the Edge Academy and The Leela Palace can make amends. The British Council has invited us for a book reading at their library premises off Kasturba Road and Lavelle Road. Those wanting to make it and interact with the authors directly […]


Guest bloggers, thank you

We are overwhelmed by the response to Mind Blogs 1.0. The copies of the maiden book are flying off the shelves at five star hotels, airport bookstores and at niche city stores. Not only that. We are getting as many guest blog posts – everyone with a story to tell wants to get published. And […]

Press coverage

The Hindu promotes Mind Blogs 1.0

Aptly titled ‘Book the blog’, The Hindu promoted Mind Blogs 1.0 by calling co-authors Zahid H Javali, Christina Daniels and Nirmala Govindarajan ‘three musketeers on road to fame’. You can view the story here Here goes an extract from the story: They laid bare their thoughts on the world around them — first on their […]

Guest posts

Guest blogger Chitra Iyer pens her mind blog

My Friend The first thing you would notice about her is her hair. She had long, black, thick hair which would be nicely braided, folded and tied up with ribbons. I don’t remember when we became friends, but I do remember that I noticed her the first day of my class in this new school […]


Guest blogger Indrasish Banerjee writes…

Perils of homecoming Yesterday, I was reflecting that the road that takes people away from their hometowns and countries in search of better career opportunities is a one-way path that seldom returns home, and even if it does, it’s not usually a happy homecoming. A distant uncle of mine who spent a considerable time in […]

Guest posts

Guest blogger Arun John writes

Thinking… I was just thinking… Two years back when a student in the university, I used to withdraw 100 bucks from the atm whenever I wanted money. With that 100 rupees my whole day would run comfortably. I could have food at the campus food courts, do phone recharges and be happy. Now I withdraw […]