Mind Blogs 1.0 is pioneering a new art form: Peter Colaco

Peter Colaco (extreme right) Now It Can Be Told. The Gang of Three who have been recently observed around a table in Koshy’s, evening after evening… (in concentrated silence, with an occasional Mexican Wave of giggles passing through the group…). They were not just our usual happy, Koshy’s regulars, drinking tea for timepass… They were […]


Mind Blogs 1.0 and its target audience

Where do I begin to tell the story of Mind Blogs 1.0? In the beginning! There was a table. And a few chairs. There was Christina. And also Z (Zahid). Then there was Gen Now (we believe we are at least a decade more experienced than Gen Now is). Everyday, I realised I was thrilled. […]


An idea, a mind blog

When I look back, the journey on Mind Blogs began as an idea in Nimmi’s mind discussed over endless cups of coffee at Koshy’s. Why not bring together all those little bits and pieces of writing that we had on different themes in the world around us? The development of this idea into a book […]


A brief history of Mind Blogs 1.0

In the beginning was the word. And then came books and eventually blogs. But we realised that it was all created in the mind. Thereby the justification for the book’s title: Mind Blogs. We realised that this is only the beginning. Blogging is an activity by writers and non-writers alike. So we decided to create […]

Guest posts

Brainstorming at Koshy’s

Time – 3 pm Place – Koshy’s I often wondered why Christina went on Saturday evenings to meet her friends at Koshy’s. She went there when it rained or stormed. Nothing was more important to her than this. Three friends were in the serious business of writing offtrack stories. Each Saturday meeting was a brainstorming […]